Ravens’ John Harbaugh launches coaching academy

OWINGS MILLS — Ravens coach John Harbaugh, with the help of his family, has launched the Harbaugh Coaching Academy, a nonprofit designed to be a resource for coaches working across all sports and operating at all playing levels.

John Harbaugh’s father, Jack, who won the 2002 NCAA Division I-AA football championship as the head coach at Western Kentucky, brother Jim, the coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, and brother-in-law Tom Crean, a former NCAA basketball Final Four coach at Marquette, are also offering their expertise with the academy.

The Harbaugh Coaching Academy offers numerous coaching tools for youth, high school and college coaches, as well as teachers, instructors and parents.

“The Harbaugh Coaching Academy has truly been in development since we were kids,” coach John Harbaugh said on Tuesday. “HCA was born of thousands of coaching lessons learned over the years. It’s a culmination of decades of coaching experience, working with coaches and leaders committed to empowering other coaches who aim to have a greater impact on youth performance and well-being – regardless of the sport.”

The nonprofit’s website, HarbaughCoachingAcademy.org, offers advice, experiences, stories, motivation, methodology and techniques for coaches. The website includes a video library featuring some of the most respected and accomplished names in sports, business, military and media, including Andy Reid, Tee Martin, Sean McVay, Tony Dungy and Dick Vermeil.

“There’s nothing quite like HCA out there to support and inspire today’s coaches to be their best,” Harbaugh said.
“Our goal is to share the wisdom and experiences of exceptional coaches and leaders with those who want to learn from them. Collectively, we can reach and empower more people for good than we could on our own.”

The videos, articles, and interviews included on harbaughcoachingacademy.org cover such topics as “Non-Confrontational Confrontation,” “Safety in Football,” “How to Build Mental Toughness in Young Athletes,” “Building a Staff” and other areas of instruction.

HCA covers critical coaching topics, including inspirational messages, tactical instruction, leadership and mental health. The academy’s videos, articles, podcasts and other resources make it easy for coaches to create and customize their learning library.

“I’m proud to work alongside my family on the Harbaugh Coaching Academy,” Jim Harbaugh said. “I’m delighted we can share what we’ve learned with other coaches, of all levels, to help them develop and mentor young athletes.”

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